Web Browser


On the internet, you will find a lot of the browsers that will give you the option to browse more freely. This Web Browser is also one among them but you will find this browser in the third-party app source. It is simple for the people to browse the page as per their wish and so this will not reduce their browsing speed. The navigation in this Web Browser will be simpler and also the users no need to worry about the privacy issues. This latest version called 3.5.9 has been downloaded by the millions of the users and so this is a trusted one. The Web Browser is designed in an attractive manner and so this will occupy only less space in the mobile. You can also use this app for the pc. You will never find any issues or the bugs in the current version of Web Browser. The users can simply specify it if they experience anything and the problem will be fixed. 

Features of Web browser

  • The incognito mode is the primary thing that will give secure and safe transactions or browsing process. Your browsing history will never be saved when you activate this mode.
  • You can simply download the multiple files and also switch between the tabs more conveniently without any problem.
  • When you browse here, it will show the content at the super-fast speed and also all of them are top trending.
  • You can watch the videos in the full-screen mode. 
  • It is simple for mobile users to change the gestures and also they can find the many advanced features.

Previous Apk versions of Web Browser app:

  • Version 3.5.8
  • Version 3.5.7
  • Version 3.5.6
  • Version 3.5.5 and much more